We are here to help you find joy, balance, and growth in your relationships and in your life.

  • Therapy

    Our therapists and counselors are committed to supporting you in every season and stage of life. Individuals, couples, and families have benefited from our mental health psychotherapy and relationship counseling services since 2011.

  • Coaching

    Coaching conversations are focused on getting you unstuck so your inherent strengths shine through. Coaching helps you deepen emotional intelligence, learn relationship skills, and rewrite your story. Coaching is a short-term investment in your long-term happiness.

  • Wellness

    Focusing on wholistic wellness is important during times of growth or change. We support the mind, body, spirit connection and encourage you to take care of your WHOLE self. Read more about wellness services offered in Bethesda, MD.

Therapy from Capital Crescent Collective

A place to start.

Seeking help can feel daunting and overwhelming — whether you’re seeking therapy, coaching, evaluation, or wellness services, it’s important to us that you feel taken care of along every step of getting started.

Support for what you are seeking.

Capital Crescent Collective, formerly Emily Cook Therapy, was founded on the belief that the success of your time in therapy or coaching is grounded in embracing vulnerability and deeper dialogues. Whether you’re looking to relieve sadness or anxiety, repair a relationship, build your sense of self, or find qualified support for your family or child, the therapists and coaches at Capital Crescent Collective (Emily Cook Therapy) are ready to help. We’re here to take good care of you and the relationships that matter most.

We invite you to learn more about our experienced therapists and high-quality coaching services. Our team of licensed marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, and relationship coaches offers services and support for what you are seeking:

Personal growth through Individual Therapy or Life Coaching

The unhelpful voices in our heads usually tell us we should face our problems alone — but at Capital Crescent Collective (Emily Cook Therapy), we believe every person deserves a safe and supportive space to heal, grow, and change. We listen with open hearts, we challenge with gentleness, and we hold space for you to emerge as an authentic and whole Self.

Connection and repair in Couples Therapy or Relationship Coaching

Gracious, respectful partnership can be hard. No matter the issues bringing you and your partner to seek help, the relationship experts at Capital Crescent Collective (Emily Cook Therapy) are uniquely trained to help you find your way back to connection and ease. We’ll focus on both the content of your conflicts as well as the interpersonal dynamics between you to holistically address the challenges in your relationship and motivate positive change — as a person and as a partner.

Household harmony with Family Therapy

Whether you’re seeking support in relationship with your own children, your siblings, or as an adult child of aging parents, family therapy supports all members of the family system to restore harmony and respect. The licensed marriage and family therapists at Capital Crescent Collective (Emily Cook Therapy) are specifically trained to work with family systems and nurture the complex and myriad relationships within.

Insight about your neurotype through Adult Autism Evaluation

While many resources for Autism are geared towards children, we know that adults deserve information and support as well. Our Adult Autism Evaluations take a collaborative approach to assist you in making sense of your experiences and learning more about your neurotype.

Child empowerment to build skills through Play Therapy

In Child Therapy, children play with the problem to explore solutions without the real world consequences. Our child therapy experts help children and teens and parents build healthy attachment bonds through interventions of nurture, challenge, structure, and engagement.

Clarity about a relationship future with Discernment Counseling or Divorce Decision Coaching

Discernment Counseling is a way for couples to make a wise decision about the future of a relationship. The goals are clarity and confidence, based on a deeper understanding of what has happened and each person’s contributions to the problems. The outcomes are framed in terms of three paths: stay together as is, move towards separation or divorce, or decide to do full-on couples therapy for six months to see if the relationship can heal with a clear agenda for change. The Discernment Counselors and Divorce Decision Coaches at Capital Crescent Collective (Emily Cook Therapy) are trained to handle the deep complexity of working with couples on the brink, including current affairs, being “out of love,” and couples flip flopping between leaning in and leaning out.

Shared marriage vision in Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your decision to partner in marriage and huzzah for valuing the health of your partnership amidst the wedding celebration planning! Our premarital counselors offer two types of premarital counseling, which both are designed to be helpful, strengths-based, and fun. Whether or not there are specific topics you know you’d like to address, premarital counseling definitely helps make sure you have the tools and skills needed for a healthy and joyful life together. (Psst — Emily can marry you in Maryland, if you’re looking for an wedding officiant!)

The Most Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance for therapy services?

No, our licensed therapists are out-of-network for all insurance companies. If you wish to submit for out-of-network reimbursement, your therapist will provide a mental health diagnosis and monthly documentation.

What accommodations are available during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

Generally, both virtual and in person appointments are available. Licensure law requires therapists to practice within their license state, whether via telehealth or in person. Coaching services are available virtually to anyone in the US or abroad, or locally in person in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area.

What accommodations are available for new parents?

Nursing mothers and lap babies are welcome in our office. Please arrange childcare during your appointments for children under the age of 12. Adolescents 13 and older may sit in the waiting room during your session, and parents may supervise siblings of a child attending play therapy in our waiting room.

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