Embrace life with confidence.

Individual therapy gives your needs our full focus. We provide a safe, sensitive sounding board for personal experiences, empowering you with insights about behavior and thought patterns, facilitated goal-setting, and a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

Our specialties include:

Depression & Anxiety | A combination of talk therapy, lifestyle changes, mindfulness techniques, and coordination of care with partner professionals who may prescribe medication, therapy for depression and/or anxiety balances acceptance of experiences of sadness or worry with motivation to enhance your future. These sessions incorporate recommended reading and in-session tasks geared toward expanding conversation.

Chronic Illness | You’ll work with a therapist who has lived experience of chronic illness and disability. In therapy, you will build confidence to overcome medical gaslighting, find your voice to advocate for your medical journey, and process the difficult feelings that come with adapting to life with chronic illness. Family therapy for chronic illness can also bridge communication gaps, reduce access friction, and foster mutual understanding.

Work-Life Balance | Our therapists or coaches collaborate with you to identify challenges that transcend work and life, find your best career fit based on your personality, troubleshoot time management challenges, and balance competing demands at home and on the job.

Personal Growth & Self-Esteem | Guided by the belief that your relationship with yourself sets the tone for your relationships with others, our therapists and coaches help you bolster your sense of self-worth, overcome body image concerns, build life skills, and show up with confidence.

Relationship Problems & Patterns | When appropriate, we initiate conversations about important relationships in your life including romantic partners, family members, friends, and coworkers to suss out patterns and examine how your interactions with others inform your feelings and actions. We take a systemic perspective, exploring the ways in which your inner life is influenced by your outer life—most importantly by your closest relationships. Often, individual therapy transitions to couples therapy or family therapy; you are welcome to continue seeing the same therapist throughout your time at Capital Crescent Collective, or we can recommend another counselor or coach within or outside of our practice.

Breakups & Separations | Individual therapy is your ally in processing and progressing following the ending of a relationship. We understand the complex range of emotions you are coping with, and we’re well-versed in helping you heal and learn from this tumultuous time.

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