• Emily Cook Therapy launched in 2014. First just Emily, then growing rapidly into a group of 4, we shared one tiny office in a shared suite of therapists.

  • Within one year, we moved to our own suite of three offices and our team expanded and contracted as therapists joined, flourished, and either stayed or went on to open their own practices.

  • And now we are Capital Crescent Collective launched in 2023!

Hi there!

This is Emily, the owner and founder of Emily Cook Therapy and Capital Crescent Collective. When I launched this private practice in 2014, I was a new mom, a recent PhD graduate, and excited to ‘hang my own shingle’ as the phrase goes. But I didn’t stay in solo practice for long — quickly, we grew in both number of therapists and reputation. We moved locations three times, expanding from one office in a shared suite to our own suite with three offices to our current suite with five offices overlooking the Capital Crescent Trail. We’re a group of eight therapists, counselors, and coaches now! And we’re proud of our diverse backgrounds: we are local and international, women and men, partnered and single (and divorced and remarried), newlyweds and parents, introverts and extroverts…

This story of growth and diversity is part of the catalyst into our new name — Capital Crescent Collective. We look to a practice future focused more intentionally on the intersections of health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, and access to quality care. We seek to expand:

  • our services beyond therapy and counseling to group offerings, education, coaching, consulting, and wellness
  • our diversity of professionals beyond licensed therapists to local experts, life and career coaches, wellness consultants, and yoga teachers
  • our reach into the community beyond the therapy room from walking and talking on the Capital Crescent Trail, to new partnerships with local complimentary health practitioners, and increased accessibility for people with neurodivergence

Feel free to contact me for more information about these changes and our growth. You can email me directly at emily@capitalcrescentcollective.com. We’re here to take good care of you — all of you.

Warmly, Emily