Relationship coaching is growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional couple therapy or marriage counseling. Have you tried traditional counseling before and didn’t find it helpful? Finding the right fit — and the right person to help you — is key to the success of reaching your relationship goals.

Coaching is:

  • A series of helpful and meaningful conversations focused on your goals for positive change
  • An opportunity to receive compassionate support, actionable feedback, and personal insights
  • A transformation in your life and relationships, including the ways you think, feel, and behave
  • Available to any couple, anywhere in the world, who is invested in their growth

Coaching is not:

  • Licensed therapy or counseling
  • Diagnosis or treatment of mental health disorders
  • Protected by state licensure laws, regulations, or codes that govern therapy or counseling
  • Protected by HIPAA or covered/reimbursed by health insurance

Choosing coaching instead of therapy means:

  • We can meet in person in an office while you practice listening to each other with empathy
  • We can meet in a restaurant while you practice being kinder to each other on a date
  • We can meet at your house while you practice positive parenting skills as a united team
  • We can meet virtually when the two of you live in different states or different countries

As a relationship coaching client at Capital Crescent Collective, you’ll benefit from our coaches’ years of experience as marriage and couple therapists, and enjoy the flexibility and solution orientation that coaching offers.

Request a consultation today to learn more about how relationship coaching can help your relationship thrive!