Clinical supervision is not only a requirement for ethical practice of marriage and family therapy, it is also an important investment in yourself as a mental health professional. As an AAMFT Approved Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Emily Cook highly values supervision and believes that a trusting supervisor-supervisee relationship is one of the greatest assets a therapist can have.

Above all, as both a therapist and as a supervisor, Emily strives to be a compassionate inquirer– to be genuine, friendly, empathic, challenging, honest, adaptable, and fully present. Supervision with Emily be empowering, helpful, relaxed, safe, collaborative, and supportive. She is genuinely interested in the well-being of her supervisees—and of their clients—and she encourages supervisees to grow their “self-of-therapist” as well as expand their clinical skills.

Emily believes in guiding supervisees to think independently and creatively about their clients, rather than to imitate her methods or philosophies. She helps supervisees integrate different therapy perspectives and helps them link what they are doing in the therapy room with theoretical models. Emily is careful to consider the developmental stage of supervisees and tailors supervision to their needs, for example by shifting the balance from specific recommendations to exploratory discussion.

Please read more about AAMFT Approved supervisors here.

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When are you available to supervise?

Supervision meetings are arranged to accommodate all schedules. Emily is available weekdays during the day, some weekday evenings, and some weekends.

How much does clinical supervision cost?

Supervision is a smart clinical investment and the cost per supervisee depends on several factors:

  • Individual (up to 2 supervisees together): $50 for one hour, $100 for two hours
  • Group (3 or more supervisees together): $75 for two hours

Please contact Emily for more information about clinical supervision.