Dating your spouse

romantic dinnerCouples therapy has helped my husband and I make great improvements in the quality of our marriage. We’re communicating better, compromising, and feeling hopeful again about our future. One of our recurring “homework” assignments is date night–do you have any suggestions for making the most of our dinner dates?

Wahoo!! Major kudos!! You two sure must be working hard at validating, perspective taking, and forgiveness. Couples therapy is hard work, because marriage is hard work. Really and truly, I’m so glad to hear that couples therapy is making a difference in the quality of your marriage. Celebrating your progress–and celebrating your renewed sense of intimacy and connection–over a date night dinner is a great idea. One of my favorite blogs, A Blog About Love, recently posted about conversation starters to deepen connection and spark intimacy during a dinner date. Here area few of my favorites from their list:

  • What are the things you’re most grateful for right now?
  • What makes you lovable?
  • What details do you remember about our first date? First kiss?
  • What could we do as a couple (or individual) to change the world around us in a positive way?

And remember–dates can take you out of the restaurant and into the world, too. How about a picnic downtown on the mall or in your neighborhood park? How about a concert at Merriweather Post Pavilion or Wolf Trap, or a play at the Shakespeare Theater Company or the Woolly Mammoth Theatre? How about a hike along the C&O Canal or up Sugarloaf Mountain? How about a visit to a DC brewery (Hellbender!) or Maryland winery (Black Ankle!)? Or how about taking a whole day (or whole weekend!) to visit to one of the Washingtonian’s greatest small towns near DC?

Do you know a couple who could benefit from high-quality couples therapy in Bethesda MD? Please forward this post to them! Our experienced couples therapists help with much more than date night ideas–we help couples repair and enrich their relationships.