On working with an associate

When we recently contacted your practice for therapy in Bethesda, MD, you referred us to one of your associates. Can you help us understand what working with an associate therapist means? 

I am always grateful when clients ask me about working with an associate therapist in our Bethesda, MD practice. I strongly believe everyone should be an informed consumer of our mental health care. When on the phone with new clients seeking therapy services in Bethesda, MD, I genuinely encourage questions about a counselor’s experience, expertise, and approach.

Working with an associate therapist at Emily Cook Therapy means you’re working with a highly qualified marriage and family therapist  whose availability matches your schedule. The four talented individual therapists, and marriage counseling specialists, and child/family therapists who work with me at Emily Cook Therapy were carefully hired and extensively vetted. All of us share the same mission: to provide individual counseling, couple and family therapy, and other mental health services with empathy and integrity. All of us approach clinical work from a similar therapeutic style: our shared treatment philosophy prioritizes relationships and we seek to effectively help clients understand their problems and find deeper connection with others.

Similar to a group practice of medical professionals, associate therapists have chosen to work with me, together within the same practice. This means collectively we are able to offer more comprehensive therapy services to our clients than we could provide as solo-practitioners. We are all relationship therapy experts who are qualified to see the clients that find their way to our practice.

So, really, the more meaningful differences between the different therapists and counselors who work at Emily Cook Therapy aren’t in our statuses as “owner” or “associate,” but rather in our diverse areas of expertise:

  • Emily, licensed marriage and family therapist, helps individuals and couples rediscover the joy of their relationships
  • Anna, licensed marriage and family therapist, helps children and adolescents learn skills to cope with big feelings
  • Kaitlin, licensed marriage and family therapist, helps individuals and couples restore self-esteem and self-worth
  • Jocylynn, licensed marriage and family therapist, helps individuals and couples learn communication skills to live more authentic lives
  • Samantha, licensed marriage and family therapist, helps couples express emotions and deepen connection

And each of these examples is just one of the areas of expertise that each therapist has!  We hope you take the time to read about which therapist has the clinical experience you’re looking for. And then we hope you get in touch with us, by giving our main office number a call or sending a secure message through our website. We’re happy to answer your questions about finding a good fit. It’s important to all of us that you feel well taken care of.