Prepare/Enrich: New Health and Wellness Scale


PREPARE/ENRICH has announced an exciting addition to its customized relationship assessment: the Health and Wellness scale!

PREPARE/ENRICH is a nationally and internationally acclaimed relationship inventory and skill-building program. The program features a customized relationship assessment, helpful results that focus on relationship strengths and growth areas, and an engaging workbook of discussion prompts — all designed to help couples enhance communication and deepen connection. Emily Cook Therapy offers the PREPARE/ENRICH program primarily to engaged couples preparing for marriage, although it is also a great choice for couples seeking to enrich their relationships who are dating, committed, and newly married or new parents.

One of the things that sets PREPARE/ENRICH apart from other relationship programs is its solid research foundation and custom tailored approach. PREPARE/ENRICH has been improved and refined over the years to become one of the best, most effective, easy-to-use relationship assessment tools available.

The new Health and Wellness scale will be included in all assessments for dating, married, and engaged couples of all ages. Here are a few sample items from the new Health and Wellness scale:

  • I feel confident that we will have a long and healthy life together.
  • I wish my partner would take better care of himself/herself.
  • We both feel it is important to have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Encouraging couples to discuss their satisfaction and amount of agreement about health-related issues and wellness habits is important. The results from the new scale may facilitate discussion of health behaviors such as sleep, diet, activity and exercise, and alcohol/drug use. The Health and Wellness scale can also be used to deepen conversations inspired by the PREPARE/ENRICH Stress Inventory,  Partner Style and Habits scale, and SCOPE Personality scale.

Are you interested in improving communication and deepening connection with your partner? Contact Emily Cook Therapy today for a free consultation to learn more about PREPARE/ENRICH!