Due Date Club

I’m newly pregnant and interested in connecting with other new moms with a due date near mine. I need some new-mom friends! And how can I find out about the best local resources and services for new parents in Bethesda?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The journey towards parenthood is filled with excitement, joy, and new experiences– it can also be filled with new anxieties, questions, and a yearning for other new-mom friends. For me, the supportive social network I found through my new moms group was essential to my healthy transition to having a newborn. Due Date Clubs are an awesome way to build friendships with other new moms whose babies are around the same age as yours.

Bun Out The Oven is a great place to start. This fast-growing, local business connects new parents to the best local services through a vetted online registry.  And the best news for you is that they’re starting a Due Date Club for new moms!  And it’s FREE!

Emily Cook Therapy is honored to be featured as the recommended Bethesda therapy practice, and our offices will likely be the location of the Due Date Club meetings. Our therapists specialize in helping couples and singles transition to parenthood, reconnect with family and friends after the baby is born, and handle in healthy ways all the changes and challenges that come with a new baby. We’re excited to partner with Bun Out The Oven and look forward to working with Bethesda’s new parents!

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